Grounded Solutions is a Florida native focused landscape consultation and design company. We provide ecologically informed landscaping ideas and services to enhance the natural habitat of developing Florida.

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The Landscape that gives back.

Grounded Solutions gives you a Florida yard that gives back with pollinator friendly plant material, less water, and eventually less maintenance. Good for you, good for Florida, and good for your checkbook.

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Natural, organized and beautiful.

No two properties are the same. Each requires it’s own unique focus. Providing a hand-drawn sketch or digital design is the fun part. Let’s start by walking your property together.

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Florida, a fine balance of resources.

Drought tolerant Florida plants, offering seasonal flowers and berries for many other species is the basis for Grounded Solutions landscape designs. But we don’t stop there. A pop-up plant shop is now germinating to help spread the seeds of diversity in your landscape.


About Us

A long time Winter Park resident, Amanda Martin is no stranger to the beauty that a planned landscape brings to our Florida neighborhoods. With expansive knowledge in horticulture, agricultural research, and landscape design, Amanda’s passion is bringing out the best in our sustainable landscapes.


Why Buy Native

Residential landscapes are often filled with plants that grow well in our climate but offer little else to the surrounding environment. My goal is to bring a botanical garden-like atmosphere to the landscape while keeping valuable resource uses, like water, to a minimum.

Getting Started

1Let’s walk your grounds together. Consultations take about an hour and involves identifying existing problems and/or future dreams.

2Next, we work together to review plants, producing a design or viable plan for the best solutions.

3Design in hand, you are connected to established installers or plant material is delivered for the DIY crowd that wants to get their hands dirty.


  • Patty R., March 2, 2018

    My husband and I had been interested in a landscape of Florida native plants since the house was purchased in July 2013, but we didn’t have a clue how to do start or which plants to incorporate. Fortunately we were lead to Amanda Martin. This young woman has a plethora of knowledge involving not only Florida native plants, but landscaping with them, and also bee keeping. We are so grateful for her expertise and continued dedication to the yard she created. Thanks, Amanda!

    ~ Patty R., March 2, 2018

  • Gina S., June 20, 2017

    Amanda created a beautiful native landscape plan for our new home. She knew what grew here before the orange groves and subdivisions and included the natives that will easily thrive and support the butterflies, birds and other insects and critters that will visit and live in our yard. We are so enjoying our new yard!

    ~ Gina S., June 20, 2017

  • Carla N., May 13, 2017

    Just stopped into a local nursery, met Amanda, bought some great plants, and supported local business. You should do the same. Support this local lady making it happen.

    ~ Carla N., May 13, 2017