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Our native Florida plants are as versatile as they are colorful. Grounded Solutions specializes in ecosystem identification and assisting the property owner in re-developing for a native landscape. Many of our clients are interested in attracting birds, butterflies and other pollinators.

With Grounded Solutions, you get the whole story. The proper Florida native name, its origin and how to best take care of your new plants in the landscape.

Many homeowners are shifting towards a low water, no fertilizer, low maintenance landscape. Upland native plants can fit that bill. Methods of maintenance for these plants can vary from the subtropical, fast growing plants we commonly use in residential landscapes today.

Below are macro flower photos and some wide angle photos to show the beauty of individual flowers, pollinator interactions, and how the plant persists in the landscapes we find them in. Please enjoy the photos as we add to and edit this gallery over time. Email with any requests to use these photos.

There are plenty of native plants to discover and we hope to see more planted. This gallery showcases some of our favorites that may be right for you too. Soon we will be open for business in our pop-up plant shop. We want to help spread the seeds of diversity in the landscape.

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Florida Faves

Deerberry, Vaccinium stamineumFirebush, Hamelia patensA fresh cut flower arrangementBeach verbena, Glandularia maritimaIndian-plantain with a beneficial insect getting nectar and pollen, Arnoglossum ovatumFalse pennyroyal, Piloblephus rigidaWild poinsettia, Poinsettia cyathophoraWinter blooming vine Carolina jessamine, Gelsemium sempervirensSpring blooming plum tree, Prunus umbellataGopher apple as a ground cover, Licania michauxiiPollinator attractor Spiderwort in purple, Tradescantia ohiensisFruit producing Bigflower pawpaw, Asimina obovataAquatic milkweed, also shown in orange. Asclepias perennisBees defending flowersBees guarding flowerBees defending flowersBlossom Eryngium yuccafoliumBug Ant and flower passiflora suberosaBug assasin nymphBug Bee on CoreopsisBug Bee on CoreopsisBug Bee on Elephantopus elatusBug Bee on Elephantopus elatusBug Bee on Elephantopus elatusBug Bee on Gaillardia Bug Bee on gaillardia profileBug Bee on gaillardia profileBug Bee on Salvia involucrataBug Biocontrol on Arial potatoBug Bumblebee on MonardaBug Butterfly Cassias blue on toadflaxBug Butterfly cloudless sulfur on HameliaBug butterfly swallowtail emerging on dutchmans pipeBug Butterfly Zebra longwings on HameliaBug Butterfly Zebra longwings pair to mateBug Butterfly Zebra longwings pair to mateBug Butterfly Zebra longwings pair to mateBug Carpenter bee female on MonardaBug carpenter bee on MonardaBug Carpenter bee on MonardaBug dragonfly blueBug Dragonfly smallBug Gopher tortoise Ms vanderbuiltBug green bee on Amorpha fruticosa bloomBug honeybee on Saw palmettoBug Leaf cutter bee in high defBug Leaf footed bugs on milkwortBug Leaf shape and ladybugBug Lizard in the wildBug Monarch caterpillar exiting egg on A.incarnataBug monarch caterpillar on tropical milkweedBug Monarch egg on milkweedBug monarch on stokes asterBug Orchid bee after HameliaBug Orchid bee on HameliaBug parasitic wasp on MonardaBug Sawfly on Chickasaw plum bloom Bug small bee collecting pollen from gaillardiaBug Snake in Facahatchee sloughBug Spider in webBug spider on A. incarnataBug spider on A. incarnataBug spider on hypericumBug Spider on Senna Bug spider on YuccaBug Threadwaisted wasp on MonardaBug Tortoise in burrow Ms VanderbuiltBug Wasp on FL poinsettia redBug Wasp on ScorpiontailButterflies nectaringButterfly caterpillar senna on sennaButterfly Crescent blue Cassius blueButterfly egg on Passiflora suberosaButterfly egg on sennaButterfly Giant swallowtail on redrootButterfly Giant swallowtail on redrootButterfly Heliconia caterpillar on P. suberosaButterfly Monarch chrysalisButterfly MonarchButterfly White peacockFlower aesclipias incarnata half open half closedFlower aesclipias incarnata half open half closedFlower Aesclipias tuberosaFlower Aesclipias tuberosaFlower Aesclipius perennisFlower Amorpha fruiticosaFlower Amorpha fruiticosaFlower Ant Campsis radicansFlower arrangement Monarda punctataFlower arrangement Monarda punctataFlower arrangement San DiegoFlower arrangement San DiegoFlower Asclepias linaria branchFlower Asclepias linaria macroFlower Asclepius  Wekiva sandhillFlower Asclepius incarnata macroFlower Asclepius incarnataFlower Asclipias incarnataFlower blue eyed grass cup recepticalFlower Blueeyed grass shiny flower nectar appearanceFlower brittons beargrass nectar poolFlower bug bee on Ruellia caorlinianusFlower Butterfly peaFlower Cephelanthus occidentalisFlower Chamechrista fasciculataFlower Chickasaw plum branchFlower Chickasaw plum branchFlower Chickasaw plum branchFlower chrynum lilyFlower Chrysopsis spikeFlower Chrysopsis spikeFlower ChrysopsisFlower Clematis in sandhillFlower cluster CAFlower Conradina grandiflora little beeFlower coreopsisFlower Elephantopus elatusFlower eryngium yuccafoliumFlower Erythrina herbaceaFlower Firebush and monardaFlower FleabaneFlower gaillardia red with honeybeeFlower gaillardia red with honeybeeFlower gaillardia red with honeybeeFlower gaillardia yellow Flower gaillardia yellow and redFlower Gaillardia yellow with tiny bee in middleFlower glandularia martitimaFlower gopher appleFlower green eyes Berlandaria subacalisFlower Hamelia patensFlower Hypericum hypercoides branchFlower Hypericum hypercoidesFlower Hypericum reductum branchFlower HypericumFlower leaf paw paw in shadeFlower lonicera sempervirensFlower Lonicera sempervirensFlower mimosa striggilosaFlower Monarda punctataFlower Muhlenbergia capillaris Muhly grassFlower Palafoxia feayiFlower Passiflora incarnataFlower pathiopetilumFlower Polygala rugelii milkwortFlower Polygala rugelii yellow milkwortFlower RhexiaFlower Rivina humilisFlower Rivina humilisFlower Rose deep pinkFlower Rudbeckia hirtaFlower Rudbeckia lacinata panoramicFlower salvia lyrataFlower Salvia whiteFlower sandspur fuzzy hairsFlower Scuttelaria Flower Scuttelaria Flower Sebatia anthersFlower Sebatia munched petalsFlower Sebatia whiteFlower SebatiaFlower Sedge chromophytum Flower Sedge wetlandFlower Stoksia leavisFlower Tarflower Bejaria racemoseFlower Tetons Mountain sideFlower Toadflax Linaria canadensisFlower Tradescantia purple partsFlower Tradescantia purple partsFlower tradescantia purpleFlower water lily Facahatchee sloughFlower Y Scorpion tailFlower Yucca whiteFruit Amorpha fruiticosaFruit Blueberry 2015 04 02Fruit BlueberryFruit Cabbage Farm rowsFruit Callicarpa americana BeautyberryFruit Cretagus treeFruit Grapes MexicoFruit Grapes MexicoFruit passiflora suberosaFruit Wild coffee matteLandscape Adrian BackyardLandscape Amherst Ave Bird Dirt BathLandscape Amherst ave street view MuhlyLandscape Architecture inspireLandscape Architecture inspireLandscape Bill Garmany Street viewLandscape black and white south FLLandscape containers with bromeliadsLandscape Everglades Grassland upcloseLandscape Everglades longrangeLandscape Everglades longrange 0535Landscape Everglades longrangeLandscape Everglades Tillandsia hammockLandscape gaillardia front yardLandscape Green Bill GarmanyLandscape Ilex vomitoria hedgeLandscape Lake tahoLandscape Lake TahoeLandscape Mexican coastLandscape Mexico vineyard valleyLandscape mulch and Cypress treeLandscape Palms MiamiLandscape path used by tortoiseLandscape Pine flatwoods needs to be burnedLandscape Pine Flatwoods Pinellis countyLandscape rocks in wet areasLandscape San diego beach cliffLandscape Savannas preserve state parkLandscape scrub old burn south FLLandscape scrub south FLLandscape scrub south FLLandscape Viola sp.Leaf Aesclipias tuberosaLeaf bug Swallowtail on dutchmans pipeLeaf cactus CALeaf Drocera carnivorusLeaf Fern in FacahatcheeLeaf Fern Osmunda regalisLeaf Flower attachment SedgeLeaf Galls on LyoniaLeaf grape vine clingLeaf Helianthus radula Rayless sunflowerLeaf Ilex vomitoria Leaf Juniperus solicicolaLeaf Nutrient deficiency Nitrogen Butterfly peaLeaf palmately compound ScheffleraLeaf Passiflora suberos and butterfly eggLeaf pinnate AmorphaLeaf Psychotria nervosa Wild coffeeLeaf Punus umbellata Flatwoods plumLeaf ressurection fern and lichenLeaf shape salvia lyrataLeaf sheath Ponytail palmLeaf texture Silver saw palmetto and coontieLeaf thorns Toothache tree smallLeaf thorns Toothache tree smallLeaf thorns Toothache tree smallLeaf tomentosa 2015 08 22Leaf Tomentosa hairsLeaf Trifoliate blackberryLeaf Whorled attachment HameliaLeaf Wild grape Plant Asclepius Wekiva sandhillPlant Berlandiera subacalusPlant carphephorus bloom stalk texturePlant carphephorusPlant Chrysopsis marianaPlant Conradina grandiflora full bloomPlant Conradina grandiflora full bloomPlant cypress tree in evergladesPlant deer mossPlant Drocera carnivorusPlant Drocera carnivorusPlant duckweedPlant Elephantopus elatus foliagePlant Elephantopus elatus in bloomPlant Elephantopus elatus singlePlant Erythrina herbaceaPlant frogfruit phyla nodifloraPlant Gaillardia pulchella UF gardenPlant glandularia maritima creepingPlant gopher apple on side of roadPlant gopher apple on side of roadPlant gopher applePlant Grass St augustinePlant green eyes berlandiara subacaulisPlant Kalenchoe Flapjack backlitPlant liatris spicataPlant lonicera sempervirensPlant mimosa striggilosaPlant mimosa striggilosaPlant Myrcianthes fragrans in 3 gal potPlant Osmunda cinnemomeaPlant peperomia Facahatchee sloughPlant Pityopsis graminifoliaPlant Ruellia carolinianaPlant salvia lyrataPlant Sebatia in bloomPlant tillandsia in bloomPlant Toadflax Linaria canadensisPlant toothache tree smallPlant Twinflower in scrub after burnPlant viola sp. Plant Yucca filimentosaSeeds butterfly peaSeeds CoreopsisSeeds coreopsisSeeds GaillardiaSeeds GaillardiaSeeds Pityopsis graminifoliaSeeds tropical milkweedTea harvest greensTea tonesTree cretagus Tree cypress tree smallTree pine

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